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Today it is taken for granted that a global source of fresh food will be readily available on supermarket shelves or the restaurant table.  With more advancing freezing capabilities, we have come to expect a vast array of exotic produce to be shipped and available all year round.

With over 20 years experience in foodstuff logistics, our skilled workforce have helped achieve this expectation.  Keeping ahead of market trends and in touch with legislative requirements, we have provided our customers with a full range of highly reliable but flexible transport options;  Diverse global port pairs, Door to Door service, local distribution, Customs, Port Health procedures and much more.

Unlike dry cargoes, perishable goods are often sourced with a degree of uncertainty; fish catch cannot be guaranteed, crop yield can vary according to climate, remote locations requiring flexible load time etc.  With these factors in mind, whether it is organising load schedules in Alaska for fish, dairy distribution in China, cold storage for fruit from South America, or advice on labelling requirements in Russia,  our dedicated team ensure the job gets done.

Moving foodstuffs from port to port is as they say, the easy bit.  For us, the level of quality is reflected in the entire transport chain. This is often tailor made to suit the customer and the product in question. The commodity mix in our portfolio is extensive.


Extensive knowledge on global trading of all fish species and their various seasons or farmed fish locations.  Space, equipment allocation and longer load time agreements for key origins (including SE Alaska, Bristol Bay, Canada, Uruguay), serving all port pairs plus emerging markets.


Cheese, butter and cream and dry milk powders on multiple port pairs including USA, Europe, Asia, Baltic States.  Including documentary requirements for prepared foodstuffs containing dairy products.


Extensive fruit coverage in S.America, USA, Asia and Europe including fixed vessel allocation and equipment availability in high seasons.

Meat & Poultry

Whether prime cuts/Hilton quota, prepared meats, PHP or poultry, we are familiar with global plants and ship door to door on multiple port pairs:  South America, USA, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Europe, Middle East.

Prepared foods

Pizzas, ready meals, confectionary, bakery products, salads, vegetables, dressings and sauces.  We assist our customers to procure a wide range of product with advice on documentary requirements, competitive pricing and best transport option.

The leading logistics partner for foodstuffs - Key benefits

  • Cool Chain cost control
  • Demurrage control - flexible free time arrangements along with full understanding of legislation in more complex destinations ensures cargo is not detained in port.
  • Customs formalities and duty expertise - Quotas, bonded warehousing, tariff group analysis, fiscal representation
  • Claims control - Comprehensive cargo insurance, fast, efficient claim management, quick settlement.
  • Competitive pricing - owned equipment and large volumes moved by Samskip Group brings price advantage to benefit our customers.